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Lamazuna Cleansing Wipes Set


Lamazuna 10 Cleansing Wipes
Lamazuna Cleansing Wipes Set
Product description

Gentle on the skin and kind to the planet Lamazuna’s eco-friendly and easy to use cleansing wipes replace thousands of disposable cotton pads that would otherwise be thrown away. This set comes with a convenient wash bag and pretty storage box so you always have clean wipes. Available with 10 or 20 wipes.

Lamazuna’s zero-waste, washable face cleansing wipes are an economical alternative to disposable, single-use cotton face pads.

Made with a soft, microfibre material, these cleansing wipes are kind to the skin and even help to remove light makeup without pulling at the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

This sustainable, eco-friendly product can be placed in their handy washbag, thrown in with your regular washing, and hung out to dry. They are reusable up to 300 times, helping you to cut down on your bathroom waste and environmental impact.

Cleansing Wipes:
70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide

Washing Bag:
GOTS Certified-Organic Cotton Box: Poplar Wood

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