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MACK Dish Jockey Washing Up Liquid BioPod


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The Dish
MACK Dish Jockey Washing Up Liquid BioPod


Product description

Washing up liquid that gets the job done without leaving you with a sink full of pointless bubbles.

The cleaning agents in Dish Jockey are employed to remove grease brilliantly without any need to waste water chasing (good-for-nothing) bubbles down the sink afterwards.

Directions: Drop this BioPod into a 500ml reused or repurposed squeezy bottle. Fill 3/4 with warm water and shake for a minute. Fill to the top and shake again for good measure. Add to a filled with warm, NOT HOT, water (works best in cooler temperatures!) or directly to your sponge. Don’t be alarmed if there are no bubbles, the Dish Jockey is still working hard.

Composition: Sodium carbonate, monococo alkyl esters, cellulose methyl ether, Cocamidopropyl betaine, citrus oil, precipitated silica, dye (food-grade).

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