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MACK The Dirty Dozen BioPod Bundle


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MACK The Dirty Dozen BioPod Bundle


Product description

All the BioPods you need to keep your home sparkling clean with a clear conscience. Don’t be misled by the title: these cleaners are in no way dirty (and there are only 11).

Each targeted BioPod cleans using fermentation extracts and enzymes – a harmless concoction that does all the hard work for you. The initial clean easily breaks down dirt and grime, leaving it easy to wipe away with just water.

The natural bacteria within the fermentation extract then stays behind and keeps your home clean long after you’ve finished cleaning.

These ‘million little helpers’ keep your home clean for longer without any extra effort.

These products are safe for the planet and people. They arrive at your door in easy to use BioPods, which you simply mix at home with water in a spare empty bottle. By shipping products to you in powder form, MACK saves the huge amounts of fuel wasted in the transport of water.

The Dirty Dozen Bundle comprises:

  • MACK Hairy Scumbag Drain Maintainer BioPod
  • MACK Not Guilty Toilet Descaler BioPod
  • MACK Squeaky Clean Cleaner Cleaner BioPod
  • MACK Dr. Dre’n Drain Unblocker BioPod
  • MACK To Rimfinity Toilet Cleaner BioPod
  • MACK Fat Buoy Kitchen Degreaser
  • MACK Ocean Potion BioPod
  • MACK ‘The Shining’ Kitchen And Bathroom All Rounder BioPod
  • MACK WTF Floor Cleaner BioPod
  • MACK Auntie Bac Cleaner and Disinfectant BioPod
  • MACK Bad Medicine Surface Deodoriser BioPod
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