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Norstar Biomagnetics Water Coaster


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Product description

Introduce magnetics into your daily life and feel the difference.

Norstar Biomagnetics is the professional’s choice for magnet therapy solutions. Used by therapists, sportsmen and many, many normal people on a day to day basis, Norstar products offer the most powerful magnetic solutions (gauss strength) you can obtain in the UK. Introduce magnetics into your daily life and feel the difference.

For many conditions, including colitis, eczema or psoriasis, we recommend drinking magnetised water. Any water can be magnetised; it is simple. Just place your jug or glass on especially designed magnetic Water Coaster for about 20 minutes a glass, and allow about 1 hour for a full bottle or jug.

The water will hold its magnetic properties for days.

NORTH POLE WATER: Calming and Relaxing

Used for most conditions. Place container on the coaster with the North Pole facing towards the glass/jug/bottle.

SOUTH POLE WATER: For Stimulation and Energy

Place the container on the coaster with the South Pole facing upwards.

Manufacturer power rating: 12,300 gauss core/1,500 gauss surface

Pack contains: 9x 1 inch High Quality Neodymium magnets

The Magnetic Water Coaster

We all know the benefits of drinking water, and in recent years, we are definitely getting better at it. It is one of the best ways to improve the skin, look younger, stay healthy and improve our brainpower. Norstar has now added a whole different dimension to your water, simply and affordably. Whatever type of water you drink, be it filtered, mineral or just plain old tap.. By simply… adding magnetic fields to it, the Coaster will add the vital, natural ‘energy system’ of the planet- in just five minutes. Big Claim – but it really is that simple.

Once magnetised the water will hold the energy indefinitely, making sure you get all the benefits enhanced of magnetic fields.

NOTE* Two places are known to have a very high concentration of magnetic fields. One is Sedona in Arizona, and the other is Lourdes in SW France

The benefits of magnetic field therapy have been well documented in recent years by the many people who have undeniably benefited from their use – both to aid healing and alleviate pain. When a magnetic field is applied to the body, it affects the cells in the body’s permeability and improves their physiological functioning. This can result in better absorption of nutrients, detoxification and improved circulation leading to relief from inflammation and pain, and encouraging the body’s own healing mechanism.

Magnetised water appears to have far less surface tension than non-magnetised water and it is believed the body absorbs it more speedily and retains it longer within the cell (improved hydration), it is carried through the body more effectively. Drinking water, which has been exposed to a magnetic field, will help your body effectively flush out the toxins. Magnetised water can also be used to help many conditions including digestive disorders, mouth ulcers and the reduction of plaque and gingivitis. Bathing the skin with magnetised water can also be beneficial in cases of eczema and psoriasis.

Other ways you can benefit from the Magnetic Water Coaster:

Magnetise the water in your watering cans – use on plants, cuttings and vegetables, cut flowers. Using the magnets on your flowers will extend the life of your cut flowers – the easiest way to energise yourself and your home! This effective and unique innovation in the world of Magnotherapy, will lengthen the life of cut flowers by up to 50%. Simply place the coaster under the vase and allow the magnetic currents to penetrate the water and breathe life into your blooms.

Face and Body oils and creams – for better absorption.

Place under Wine – to enhance and bring out their underlying full flavours to a noticeable degree and also to reduce the ‘breathing’ time.

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