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The best way to understand the value of Himalayan Salt is to compare it against table salt and sea salt. Table salt is stripped of all of its natural elements through industrial processing which includes using bleaching agents and then adding anti-caking agents and iodine. These artificial chemicals are not particularly good for you.

Himalayan salt comes from ancient sea beds deposited over 200 million years ago and then covered in volcanic lava. 

Himalayan salt is mined naturally and prepared using no chemicals or industrial processing. The salt is pure and alive, thereby has a beneficial vitalizing effect on your body.

The main use of Himalayan Salt is to replace the over-refined white table and cooking salt sold in the supermarkets with a pure natural alternative. It is available in a fine grained form for use at the table and in coarse crystals for use in cooking and salt grinders.

Should only be added to food and consumed sparingly.

Ideal for use in salt mills.

1KG Bag

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