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PULSÍTOS Roasted Fava Beans Mediterranean Herbs


PULSÍTOS Roasted Fava Beans Mediterranean Herbs


Product description

Let The Good Thymes Roll. Pack of 5 30g.

Healthy People.
Healthy Planet.

At PULSÍTOS they make plant-based, planet saving snacks…with a Mediterranean twist.

It all starts in the ground:
All of the fava beans are sourced from soil association farms in the UK, keeping our food miles as low as possible.

Fava beans have one of the lowest water footprints out there, meaning freshwater isn’t diverted from where it’s needed most but give you all the protein and fibre you need to get you through the day.

Once picked, the fava beans are roasted – to a deep golden brown – then season with natural Mediterranean flavours.

Finally, 100% plastic free packs are filled with delicious snacks – not thin air – before putting them in recycled cardboard letterbox mailers and sending them straight through your door. Every pack PULSÍTOS sell goes towards planting a new tree with their charity partner Trees for Cities.

Once you’re done with your PULSÍTOS pack, either pop it in the paper bin with yesterday’s news or the food bin with your morning banana skin! The fully recyclable and compostable packs will then either be reused or returned to the earth as nothing more than soil.

PULSÍTOS are the snacks you’ve bean waiting for in the packs you’ve been hoping for.

Fava beans (85%), rapeseed oil, sea salt, parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme, basil, sage, sugar, onion powder, garli powder, red pepper, white pepper, black pepper powder

As a thank you for shopping with us and helping to support ethical business, we’ll plant a tree in the tropics on your behalf through our charity partner
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