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Temple Of Incense White Sage & 7 Chakra Rose Petals Smudge Bundle


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This white sage smudge stick is wrapped with seven bright and vibrant dried rose petals representing the seven basic chakras.

Temple Of Incense White Sage & 7 Chakra Rose Petals Smudge Bundle
Temple Of Incense White Sage & 7 Chakra Rose Petals Smudge Bundle


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Product Description

This wand has been created with intention and care, wrapped with love to protect and bless your space. The masculinity of the white sage and Femininity of the rose unites the two energies. Rose is a highly versatile flower and magical herb used for centuries in love spells. The cleansing properties of white sage combined with the powerful self-love and compassionate energy of dried rose brings a sense of peace and gratitude to your space.

This smudge bundle will make an excellent gift for the stressed-out person in your life or the perfect gift to yourself after a tough year – but also just because we deserve that level of love.

  • Providing both masculine and feminine energies.
  • Excellent to use when moving into a new home to create tranquillity.
  • Create a compassionate energy and peace to your environment.

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