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The Green Consultancy Dynamic Burner Management Unit (DBMU)


The Green Consultancy Dynamic Burner Management Unit (DBMU)


Product description

The DBMU reduces gas consumption on commercial boilers

The DBMU is the only boiler optimiser which has been certified by the BRE ( to reduce gas consumption in commercial boilers. It does this by altering the boiler firing pattern without impacting on the performance of the boiler.

The Dynamic Burner Management Unit (DBMU) is a unique patented that is installed between the thermostat and the burner valve. It alters the firing pattern of the boiler creating fewer but slightly longer burn periods. The overall effect is to reduce the amount of time the boiler is burning.

Typically, a DBMU will save in excess of 16% of fuel consumption however we often see 20% to 25% savings of heating fuel. On average the units will pay for themselves within 5 to 18 months depending on consumption and in cases of high demands the units’ payback in a shorter period of time than this.

The DBMU does not alter the way in which your boiler functions, therefore will not damage your boiler in any way, nor will it adversely affect the performance of the boiler. We have never had an issue with units installed in over 10,000 installations.

The DBMU is designed to work with nearly all types of gas, oil or dual fuel boilers.

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