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The Seep Company Large Eco Cellulose Sponge


The Seep Company Large Sponges With Packaging
The Seep Company Large Eco Cellulose Sponge


Product description

Large compostable sponge made from 100% cellulose. Perfect for use on large cleaning tasks.

This large compostable sponge is durable and perfect for most washing tasks. It’s made from cellulose wood pulp that breaks down into harmless organic waste. You can use it to clean baths, showers, bikes, cars amongst other large cleaning jobs. It even requires less soap, as the cleaning materials retain within the sponge. When they look a little tired, you can simply freshen them up by popping them in the washing machine to extend their life.

Seep takes the sustainability of its products one step further, by offsetting the carbon emissions through donations to charity partners and reforestation group On A Mission, so each loofah cloth is therefore climate positive!

  • FSC certified packaging with natural inks and 100% recyclable.
  • 100% plastic-free & compostable at home (not yet suitable for industrial composting facilities).
  • Once well used, cut up the sponge (this speeds up composting) and place it in a home compost bin.
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