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Vesta Living Food Wrap


Vesta Living Food Wrap
Product description

Remove single use plastic wrap from your life with the Vesta Living cotton food wrap.

Made from organic cotton and food safe PUL, these food wraps are the perfect size for wrapping a sandwich or wrap, rather than using foil or cling film. This food wrap is zero waste and can be used and washed over 300 times. Cling film is one of the most commonly discarded single use plastic household products, littering the world’s landfills and oceans while leaching its chemicals for years.

There is increasing pressure to reduce our human impact on this earth, but this can feel overwhelming to the individual. Vesta Living helps to show consumers that they can easily make small changes that make a big impact on our environment. Vesta emplores its customers to seek sustainability, by replacing everyday items with eco-friendly, plastic free, zero waste alternatives.

  • Available Blue Stripe or Denim Chambray.
  • Size: approx. 30cm x 30cm.
  • Ethically produced in the UK.
  • Eco-friendly, plastic free and zero waste.
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