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Where Does It Come From? African Organic Face Mask


Where Does It Come From? African Organic Face Mask
Product description

Vibrant printed organic face mask using organic cotton from Uganda.

Here’s a selection of beautifully vibrant face masks created using African organic cotton. The fabric is organic, grown in a farming co-operative in Uganda, a social enterprise training farmers in ecological farming methods. The cotton is a variety native to the area where it is being grown, so naturally resistant to insects and requiring only rainwater.

You can find out more about our Project to create a transparent supply chain in Africa which we ran in 2019, producing a range of organic cotton tunics, scarves, hair scrunchies and pocket squares.

The organic cotton fibres were processed and printed especially for us in an organic certified factory in Germany. This fabric is unique!

The masks have a silky soft luxurious feel and come in a choice of three vibrant colours. They also come with their story, right back to the cotton fields of Uganda.

Your African organic face mask offers protection for personal use whilst being comfortable, natural and re-usable. The string ties mean the size can be easily adjusted, fitting children as well as adults.

The masks are being sewn to order in the UK and will be dispatched within 3 days.

Each mask has a QR code on the wash label so you can explore it’s story and get to know the people involved in creating it, as well as the environment and community friendly processes we use.

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