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The world's most sustainable air purifier

Briiv Air Filter

Who says sustainable design has to be ugly? Meet briiv, ‘the world’s most sustainable air purifier’. Made completely from Earth-friendly materials and filters that are grown and not made, briiv delivers fresher, cleaner air without costing the Earth.

Perfect for removing allergens, dust, mould and VOCs, with lower running costs and smart home functionality, this award-winning device brings nature indoors while serving as a beautiful centrepiece for any room.

Briiv uses unique natural filters to pull pollutants and allergens out of the air, without harming the Earth with landfill-bound plastic.

Having spent many years in the design industry, the team at briiv has seen hundreds of products marketed as ‘sustainable’ that fall very short. Fed up with sustainability being treated as an afterthought in design, the team committed to a circular design process that ensures products are designed with the end of their life in mind.