The swapping community that lets you refresh, reuse and relove.

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  • Kidd3r is a free website for families to swap pre-loved hobby essentials
  • Each swap saves usable items from landfill & enables a child to try a new hobby
  • Everything from sports equipment to musical instruments are available to swap
  • Registration is free and new members are automatically awarded 5 Kidd3rkredits
  • The website offers a greener and sustainable way to support children’s hobbies

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Kidd3r is an online swapping community in the UK, built around the three Rs: Refresh. Reuse. Relove.

Its website,, provides a free platform where families can swap pre-loved hobby gear their children no longer use, in exchange for an item of similar value that they need.

By encouraging families to swap rather than throw away and buy new, kidd3r is helping to limit the environmental impact of shipping and manufacturing on our planet, while keeping perfectly usable items out of landfill.

Every kidd3r swap helps a family to re-home a pre-loved item it no longer needs – from musical instruments and sports kit to tech, bikes, scooters and toys – and enables another child to try out a new hobby for free.

If swapping isn’t an option, Kidd3r also offers the chance to exchange items for kidd3rkredits, the site’s ‘currency’. Any Kidd3rkredits you accrue can be banked in your member account and redeemed on a future pre-loved item listed for swap on the site.

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