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Top 5 April Switches 2024

Five simple switches for April, plus our My Green Pod Heroes of the Season
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
April Heroes – sustainable switches from My Green Pod

This article first appeared in our Earth Day issue of My Green Pod Magazine, published 22 April 2024. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

There’s a sustainable alternative to just about anything, and these five ethical products and services are simple switches that would make a big difference – and could save you some cash along the way.

1. Green your money

Calculate the carbon footprint of your banks, pensions and bills and switch to a greener solution using the MotherTree switching service.

2. Ditch plastic water bottles

Swap bottled for filtered water to save cash as well as single-use plastic. The Coldstream Undercounter Water Purification System provides great-tasting water straight from your tap.

3. Swap bottles for bars

Each KIND2 Solid Shampoo Bar is equivalent to two bottles of liquid shampoo – but without the single-use plastic packaging!

4. Grow your own

Forget cut flowers wrapped in plastic cellophane – grow your own stems to bring into the house (or leave in the garden). Created by conservation scientists, Seedball takes the hassle out of growing bee- and butterfly-friendly wildflowers.

5. Recycled loo roll

Honest Supplies offers generous rolls of triple-quilted, plastic-free and 100% recycled toilet paper, ethically made in the UK.

Top 5 April switches

These superstar products and services are ethical alternatives from companies that are doing things differently. You may not have heard of all these green pearls, as they’re from companies that don’t necessarily spend their profits on mass advertising or negotiating the cut-rate bulk deals that would get them onto supermarket shelves.

We think that if you don’t know the real options, you don’t really get to choose. Click here to view our full range of My Green Pod Hero products and services, in sectors ranging from Money and Energy to Health and Beauty.

Heroes of the season

We’ve picked these products because we believe they are all best in their class for people and the planet.

They represent simple, sustainable switches that will help to keep you, your home and the planet healthy – without compromising on luxury or performance!


Certified Fairtrade, organic, Shade Grown and Bird Friendly.

Click here for more.


This delicious gin – the world’s first climate-positive spirit – is made from peas.

Click here for more.


80 ways to explore the best of Europe by train, boat or bike.

Click here for more.


A calming and soothing certified-organic dog shampoo, with a base of chamomile and aloe vera.

Click here for more.


100% biodegradable polyester, luxury vegan pillow; it feels feels like down, but without a feather in sight.

Click here for more.


An award-winning scent made with organic essential oils and no synthetic fragrances.

Click here for more.

Click here to view the full collection of My Green Pod Hero products and services.

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