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A Global Ethical Audience

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Our Purpose

To be a global brand that has made it impossible to buy or behave in a toxic way.

Our Vision

To enable planet, people and profit to exist symbiotically.

Our Mission

To make it simple to live sustainably.

Family photograph of Jarvis, Katie and their child walking in a green land
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My Green Pod is an independent, family-run UK business, founded by Katie Hill and Jarvis Smith. We want to share the real stories behind the brands and people working tirelessly to offer ethical alternatives to mainstream products and services.

You might not see these options on the high street and they may not be the first to appear in online searches.

Unlike any other company we know, we meet and connect personally with the owners of the companies we work with. We do this because we believe that authentically ethical products and services can only be produced and supplied with conscious, heartfelt intent.

Plenty of businesses are cashing in on the trend towards natural and organic products, but if those companies are cutting corners to be the first to market – whether in their packaging, their supply chains, their ingredients, or their staff welfare – they won’t be featured here. This isn’t something you can check by visiting a website, so we go behind the scenes to investigate the company’s entire DNA.

Our Hero products and services are the most effective and enjoyable alternatives to mainstream options that we can find. We use them in our home and we use them on our family. They’re also from companies that are working in co-creation with the planet – intentionally operating in harmony with nature and in service to the wellbeing of their customers.

With your support, these companies could change the face of business and the health of our environment – and you could save some cash and discover some extremely effective ethical products along the way!

Every time you buy from our Marketplace, we’ll plant a tree in the tropics (through charity partner TreeSisters) as our way of saying thank you for helping to change the path of the future. Together, lots of small actions make a huge difference.


Meet the founders
Profile photo of Katie Hill

Katie Hill


Hello Katie here – co-founder of MGP 👋

For those of you who don’t know me, my career began pursuing my huge passion for independent and investigative journalism. I became a senior writer, researcher and eventually a deputy editor for Which? Magazine. I also spent two years in Mumbai running Right Choice Magazine, the ‘Indian Which?’, and as a contributing co-editor for UK-based GreenSpirit Magazine.

When Jarvis and I co-founded My Green Pod in 2013, I was lucky enough to combine my experience exposing the truth with my lifelong passion for clean living and the environment 🌳

My Green Pod Magazine remains independent, allowing me to uncover various unethical business practices and reveal the truth about what’s lurking inside everyday products.

The more I researched, the more I discovered about mainstream products, the companies that make them and the environmental impact they can have. No one was talking about any of this; shoppers still trust big brands with a strong high street presence to create safe products. I felt people had a right to know the truth and make their own choices, based on a clear view of all their options.

This is why Jarvis and I launched the ethical Marketplace on MGP. We personally research and select all the brands on the site and will only work with companies we know take sustainability seriously. Before you buy anything, always ask whether you really need it. If you do, then buy the most ethical, sustainable option. This is how we would like you to use My Green Pod: a hassle-free way to discover your real options and find gorgeous, effective sustainable alternatives that will lighten your lifestyle 💚

Much love,
Katie x

Profile photo of Jarvis Smith

Jarvis Smith


Hello all 👋

For those that are new here, I'm Jarvis, co-founder of MGP. I have made it my life's mission to educate myself and others on how to live more sustainably. For me it all started when I was invited onto a TV show called Dumped back in 2007. We had to live on a landfill for three weeks – we had nothing and had to build everything we needed as a community out of rubbish. One person’s waste is another person’s gold!

It really highlighted to me the dark side of consumerism and how much damage we were doing to the planet. It made me want to inspire people to live differently, and recognise the unsung heroes who are pushing for ethical alternatives to business as usual.

This is why I launched the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards – the UK's leading sustainability awards – now in its 11th year, and started My Green Pod with my wife Katie.

First and foremost, we always encourage people to think before they buy. The most sustainable products are the ones you already own 💚

So think, do you need that new T-shirt? Can you make do with what you have or buy second hand if not? If you do need it, then buy well. That is to say, from ethical and sustainable brands that minimise as much as possible the impact on the planet. That's what we offer: personally vetted and all in one place that you can trust. You can see for yourself at

Jarvis 🙏🏼

See Jarvis’ TedX talk on ‘Possibility Consciousness’ here    


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