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One winner will receive a six-month supply of potent and certified-organic wellness supplements

To achieve holistic health, we must care for our mind, soul, and body, with exercise being crucial. It’s essential to consider what we consume and how we maintain our physical wellbeing. 

Enter the True Veda Sports Bundle, a powerful combination of three Ayurvedic products known for enhancing flexibility, aiding weight management and boosting energy.

These products have a rich history of research and can support your fitness journey but are also good for everyday wellness.

The Organic Green Tea, derived from Camellia sinensis leaves, provides clean energy without the usual caffeine jitters and aids in weight management.

Organic Moringa, True Veda’s SuperPlant™, is a recognised superfood known for its energy-boosting properties and rich nutrient content.

To complete the package, True Veda’s patented Organic Turmeric with Ginger and Black Pepper, a potent herb containing over 200 active nutrients, supports joint and muscle health, bolsters the immune system and offers potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Five runners-up will receive True Veda’s Organic Turmeric, a potent all-natural supplement with over 200 active compounds like turmerones, curcuminoids, piperine and gingerol.

This supplement provides natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, supports cardiovascular health, joint function,and pain relief. Additionally, it may help alleviate depression symptoms and enhance skin health.

One winner will receive a six-month supply of the True Veda Sports Bundle, and five runners-up will get a six-month supply of True Veda’s Organic Turmeric!

Closing Date: 1 Sep 2024

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