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Feel the future at Hawkwood's Seed Festival

Feel the future

Stand up, speak out and make a difference this weekend at Hawkwood’s Seed Festival.
Could you stop flying?

Could you stop flying?

The 'MEP who doesn’t fly’ urges people to sign up to ‘flight-free 2020’.
State of the Transition

State of the Transition

Study shows highest-emitting companies are off-track to meet Paris climate goals, and puts investors on ‘emergency footing’.
Kia e-Nero

The year of the EV

New research shows more than 1.5 million UK households could switch to an electric car today without compromise.
View from The Hollow Way Lookout, Timber Festival 2019

Timber Fest attended by 5k

Creative arts festival in the National Forest was an unforgettable celebration of nature.
‘All-in’ DRS a ‘no-brainer’

‘All-in’ DRS a ‘no-brainer’

An ‘all-in’ deposit return system could generate £2 billion for the economy over 10 years.
Cargill silo, Bolivia

Cargill named ‘Worst Company in the World’

New report documents US-based agribusiness giant’s ‘ineptitude and incoherence at a grand scale’.
How to choose a sunscreen this summer

Choosing sunscreen

With so much talk of the harmful ingredients in sunscreen, what should we use to protect our skin this summer?
Lego tiger model

BRICKLIVE Big Cats exhibition

‘Everything is Roarsome’ for LEGO fans this summer.
RENS sneaker

The coffee sneaker

Rens launches world’s first ‘coffee sneaker’, made from coffee and recycled plastic.
The world's biggest jute bag

New record in the bag

World’s biggest jute bag created by school kids to encourage people to go plastic free.
The dangers of deep sea mining

The dangers of deep sea mining

The UK Government has backed the call to safeguard our oceans – but is also a leading advocate for deep sea mining.
'The cod crisis'

‘The cod crisis’

Warning from international marine body recommends a 70% reduction in catches of cod in the North Sea.
BOOM Awards 2019

BOOM Awards 2019

Soil Association celebrates the best of organic at this year’s awards ceremony.
P.E.A. Awards 2019 – enter or nominate now

Emergency on planet Earth

P.E.A. Awards 2019 will showcase everyday solutions to the climate emergency.
Planting Big Ideas

Planting big ideas

Hawkwood’s Seed Festival has declared 2019 the year for climate action.
New report looks at the pros and cons of going vegan

Veganism Impact Report 2019

9.6 billion fewer tonnes of CO2 would be released annually if we all went vegan.
SMV Green Vahini programme, Ashden Awards 2019

Ashden Awards 2019

2019’s Ashden Awards go to the world-leading energy innovators bringing solutions to the climate emergency.
The Roundhouse, Canopy & Stars

The Holiday Amnesty

Canopy & Stars has declared a one-month Holiday Amnesty in a bid to avert climate disaster by planting one million trees.
WEN Forum to discuss air (e)quality

Air (e)quality

WEN Forum to explore how gender, race and poverty relate to air pollution as part of London Climate Action Week.