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September 2021 – Electric Vehicle Special Issue

Electric Vehicle Special Issue

Published: 3 Sep 2021

Something’s changed… and it’s time we did, too.

It’s been 18 months since the enormity of the coronavirus crisis engulfed Europe, and all the while, looming ominously in the background, is an even bigger threat: the climate emergency.

FULLY CHARGED has chosen to focus on some of the positives from the last year and a half. After all, we have been shown what the world might look like with less commuting and less flying; it’s also made us take a long, hard look at supply chains and how we consume things. Perhaps above all, the global vaccine rollout has shown that we can science our way out of a tight spot.

With extreme weather-related events increasing in frequency and severity, now is the time to stop navel-gazing. We know what the available solutions are – now it’s time to act, and at speed.

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