My Green Pod Magazine,
July 2021

Women: time for action

Published: 2 Jul 2021

All relationships require balance if they are to thrive, yet somehow, at some point, it became normal for women to clench their keys as a self-defence weapon when walking home at night, and to worry if a friend failed to message that they had got home safely.

We have sleepwalked into a similarly imbalanced relationship with our planet; if we stop and look at the way we extract without a thought for restoration, and the fact that by 29 July 2021 we will have used more of Earth’s biological resources than she can regenerate in a year, we can see exactly how damaging our lifestyles have become.

By strengthening our sense of connection and embracing indigenous wisdom and feminine principles, we could create a different future for our children – through a love that fosters gratitude and balance. Let’s move into an era of reciprocity and respect – with each other and with our planet.

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