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Kiki Activated Charcoal Powder


Kiki Activated Charcoal Powder


Product description

Absorbs particles and gases in body’s digestive system.

The use of Activated Charcoal dates back to 2000 years ago where it was used to treat water and air purification, as well as to cure a variety of ailments including poisoning.

Activated charcoal is pure carbon specially processed to make it highly adsorbent of particles and gases in the body’s digestive system. Its healing effects have been well documented since as early as 1550 B.C. by the Egyptians. Today it is used in some hospitals after a person swallows or adsorbs almost any toxic drug or chemical.


  • Absorbs particles and gases in body’s digestive system
  • Whiten’s & polishes teeth and removes plague
  • Used to absorb poisons and toxins from the stomach and intestines
  • Can be used to treat gastrointestinal infections, stomach bugs, diarrhoea constipation, gas and viruses.
  • Can be used as a paste with aloe, psyllium or bicarbonate of soda on insect or snake bites and bacterial and fungus infections.

KIKI ‘s Activated Charcoal is produced from sustainable coconuts which has been highly purified with steam to remove any contaminants for use as a pharmaceutical active ingredient.

It is a finely reduced powder (5-10 microns), which presents a huge surface area for the absorption of unwanted substances. When taken orally or used on teeth or skin it works as a sponge to soak up contaminants.

Activated charcoal contributes to reducing excessive flatulence after eating.

The beneficial effect is obtained with 1 g which should be taken at least 30 minutes before and 1 g shortly after the meal.

How to use it

Powder: Adults & children over 12: 1 level teaspoon dispersed in a glass of water, taken by mouth immediately. Rinse with water to remove any residue. Children
under 12: not recommended.

For Teeth: Put a small amount of powder into the palm of your hand. Wet toothbrush and dip into powder. Gently brush for 2 minutes. Brush again with water or toothpaste to remove residue.


100% Activated Charcoal (The British Pharmaceutical Codex) BPC 1934

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Naturally free from gluten and wheat.

No artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers.


Our activated charcoal is a fine powder, which is tasteless and odourless.

Size: 70g

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