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Lamazuna Toothbrush Soft


Lamazuna Toothbrush Medium Red
Lamazuna Toothbrush Soft
Product description

Lamazuna’s bioplastic toothbrush is a sustainable alternative to standard plastic toothbrush. With a replaceable head, this product helps you cut down on bathroom waste, helping you to reduce your environmental impact.

Lamazuna’s uniquely designed bioplastic toothbrush has been created to be as carbon neutral as possible, with a replaceable head to help reduce plastic waste.

The handle of this toothbrush is made from 70% castor derivatives combined with 30% plastic. The resulting material can cope with the humidity of a bathroom and absorb the “shock” caused when brushing the teeth.

Most standard toothbrushes are discarded after use, however Lamazuna’s innovative design reduces bathroom waste by allowing you to keep the brush handle but replace the head for eco-friendly, sustainable living.

Made From
Bioplastic Handle: 70% Castor Oil / 30% Plastic

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