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Puro Coffee 4-Month Supply


Puro Coffee 4 Month Supply
Puro Coffee 4-Month Supply
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A generous four-month supply of the finest Puro Coffee. Buying in bulk saves fuel and packaging, but it also means you’ll never miss your morning brew!

This amazingly delicate blend is distinctive in flavour. Combining beautifully soft notes of chocolate with citric overtones gives it a fruitiness whilst adding natural sweetness. Furthermore, Puro Coffee believes in offsetting the carbon emissions made in the cultivation process by protecting the rainforests with donations to conservation charities.

The giving back doesn’t stop there, as all of the coffee farmers Puro work with receive a fair price for their beans through the fair trade initiative, plus a little extra to invest in the local communities. Supporting Puro truly is the path to good coffee!

  • Certified Fairtrade coffee, grown at Puro’s farm in Honduras.
  • Every kilo of Puro coffee sold has protected 20m² of rainforest.
  • Composted coffee fruit is returned to the soil to provide all the nutrition required.
  • 2% of Puro coffee sales fund conservation in coffee-producing countries.
  • All remaining CO2 emissions are offset through a REDD+ project that protects standing forests.
You shouldn’t be unsure if it’s pure. We’ve done the work for you by researching the best ethical and sustainable products and services
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This is a Hero because it’s a sustainable option that does the trick brilliantly. We believe it is best in its class – and we can’t wait for you to try it, too!
Jarvis Smith & Katie Hill, Co-Founders
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