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Atlantic Brewery

Organic, Artisan Beers, Hand-made in Cornwall

Atlantic Brewery have been making award-winning beers on their smallholding since 2005, and are proud to be Cornwall’s only Organic Brewery.

Each brew starts with their own Cornish water, pure and sweet and excellent for beer-making. English organic floor malted barley and a exciting range of organic hops from England, Germany, USA and even Cornish, our Fuggles from the brewery’s hopyard are used. Yeast, time and attention to detail are the only other things added to make their classic beers, with a few select embellishments to make the seasonals & specials, all organic with many grown at the smallholding.

Atlantic Brewery installed a sun-tracking PV solar array 10 years ago to help with the energy requirements of the brewery, and compost all the spent organics from the brews back into the smallholding, trying as best they can to minimise our carbon footprint and close the loop.

Bottled at the brewery, the beers are live, unfiltered, unpasteurised, bottle-conditioned and naturally carbonated. With nothing having been stripped out, they retain their natural nutrients and body, keeping all the lovely character as well as flavour.

The packaging used to get the beers safely to you are made from 100% recycled card. Please recycle it, and the bottles, but first, enjoy their lovely hand-crafted beer!