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Made from nothing but real apples, water and time...

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Avallen, which means ‘apple tree’ in Old Cornish, is a spirit born from a simple question: what’s the most sustainable spirit we can make. The answer led us on a journey, taking in ingredients, locations and people, all the way to Normandy, the orchard of France and the spiritual home of Calvados.

We questioned the environmental impact of every spirit’s raw materials, shunning grains, cane, agave and grapes. We thought long and hard about every single aspect of producing a drink, from the weight of the bottle to which bank we should trust with our money, putting sustainability at the very core of what we do.

We’ve committed to making a spirit that’s delicious, approachable and fun, and also has a positive impact on the biodiversity of our incredible planet. Wild bee populations are in decline around the world and without them our very survival as a species is at risk. Avallen has a mission to save the bees at its very core.

For every bottle of Avallen Calvados sold we donate €0.50 to organisations and charities that champion the protection of bees, the restoration of their habitats and the ban of harmful neonicotinoids.

40 varieties of apple are used with 30% of them grown on site at Distillerie Coquerel with the remaining coming from up to 300 farmers from within 20km of the distillery. La Manche, the region of Normandie where avallen is made, delicious Calvados is pesticide free since 2016, which is important for sustainability and flavour. Avallen is aged in French oak casks for 2 years in the heart of La Manche, Normandie for a liquid that is fresh, crisp and unapologetically apple forward. The whole process is natural using only wild yeast present on the apple skins and no added sugar, caramel or boisé ensuring a 100% natural product.