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Keep This Cracker

A reusable alternative to the standard disposable cracker

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Keep This Cracker is a reusable cracker – and yes, you can pull it. Made from card it comes apart like a standard cracker but without tearing.

To reuse, simply reassemble it with a fresh snap and fill it with your own choice of gifts. These crackers come with pet-friendly ecosnaps that pop with less noise. For those who like their crackers with a bang, they work equally well with standard snaps.

The crackers come flat-packed in packs of six in reusable card wallets, designed so you can keep and store your crackers away for another day.

The ribbons are woven in the UK using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.

All products are fully recyclable; the Kraft crackers and card wallets are compostable, too.

Keep This Cracker is a small business based in Manchester and run by Bea Thackeray. Free from single-use plastic, designed and made in the UK.