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Costa’s free fertiliser

Coffee shop launches ‘Grounds for Grounds’ Project for garden lovers
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Last week, Costa launched an initiative that allows customers to request used coffee grounds from their local Costa store to use in their gardens as a natural plant fertiliser.

Used coffee grounds contain many essential trace elements that act as a highly successful and natural fertiliser. These free, used Costa coffee grounds are available now from all stores nationwide.

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Fertiliser and fuel

Other unused grounds will continue to be collected by waste specialist Biogen, which converts the grounds to bio-gas that’s used to power some of Costa’s eco-friendly duel fuel vehicles.

‘We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our environmental footprint, whether it be recycling our coffee bean sacks to use as carpet underlay or building our first ever eco store.

‘We are committed to constant improvement in this area and it just so happens that in this instance it can also improve our customers’ gardens.’

Kerry Parkin, Head of CSR at Costa

The grounds, which can also be used to balance compost piles, will come from both the Costa Mocha Italia and Old Paradise Street blends. They’ll be available in old coffee bean bags, or customers can collect their grounds in their own container.

The benefits

Kevin Fortey, a record-breaking giant vegetable grower, has been using Costa’s coffee grounds for some months now and has reported ‘a huge improvement’ in the quality of his vegetables.

‘Coffee grounds are an excellent source of slow-release nitrogen, calcium and magnesium that are greatly beneficial for the growth of plants. As well as a soil conditioner they have been used to protect the plants from snails and slugs and this has helped save me money and get the best out of my vegetables.’

Kevin Fortey, record-breaking giant vegetable grower

Customers can request the Costa Grounds for Grounds service nationwide. Click here to find out more.

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