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Published: 17 January 2020

This Campaign was created by: Katie Hill - My Green Pod

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The Problem

The air inside a typical house, school or workplace is two to five times more polluted than the air directly outside. The mainstream products we use every day – from shampoo to surface cleaner – are packed with chemicals and liquid plastics. They get into the air we breathe and permeate our skin, going directly into our bloodstream. When we wash them down the plug hole they enter our waterways, endangering marine life and ecosystems, and leach into the soil. This means everything that grows there is born in a toxic environment.

The Solution

Toxic-free, natural cleaning and personal care products are now just as effective as mainstream rivals. Consumer demand has caused huge growth in the natural products market. Poor regulation and definition mean there are still some issues around greenwash, so we’ve done the research to make life easy for you. We’ve been testing natural products for over 10 years. Our favourite hair and household cleaning products – from authentically ethical companies – have been put together in Clean Starter Packs. We’re providing these sets at heavily discounted prices, because we want to democratise the natural product sector and send the affordability dilemma packing.

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Your Call
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