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Could you stop flying?

Could you stop flying?

The 'MEP who doesn’t fly’ urges people to sign up to ‘flight-free 2020’.
State of the Transition

State of the Transition

Study shows highest-emitting companies are off-track to meet Paris climate goals, and puts investors on ‘emergency footing’.
Kia e-Nero

The year of the EV

New research shows more than 1.5 million UK households could switch to an electric car today without compromise.
P.E.A. Awards 2019 – enter or nominate now

Emergency on planet Earth

P.E.A. Awards 2019 will showcase everyday solutions to the climate emergency.
E-bikes make cycling a breeze

The e-bike boom

E-bike use is predicted to grow by almost 40,000% by 2050.
Jordan Brompton, co-founder of myenergi

Driving the shift

We spoke to Jordan Brompton, co-founder of myenergi, about EVs, renewables and the shift in mainstream consciousness.
Tesla Model 3

The electric car stars

EVs are here to stay: prepare to be blown away...
A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air

Biophilic design expert Oliver Heath takes a family break in a Jaguar I-PACE (yes, with dog).
Fully Charged LIVE

Fully Charged LIVE

Robert Llewellyn’s clean energy and EV consumer show will return to Silverstone this summer.
my Afram Speedhub

My Boo

Europe’s largest bamboo bike brand has arrived in the UK.
A climate manifesto

A climate manifesto

Two-thirds of Brits want government action on the climate emergency, so Greenpeace has published a 134-point plan to help.
Green charging with the zappi

Green charging

This clever piece of kit can provide a green – and sometimes free – charge for your EV.
EVs: are they worth it?

EVs: are they worth it?

We debunk the myths around electric vehicles and their impact on the environment.
A devolution revolution

A devolution revolution

A 'major rethink' is needed to prevent millions missing out on benefits of electric vehicles.
Ethical market now worth £83.3bn

Ethical market now worth £83.3bn

Young, environmentally aware consumers are helping to drive a remarkable increase in consumer spend across key ethical sectors.
Charging EVs at the supermarket

Charging EVs at the supermarket

Tesco and Volkswagen launch the UK’s largest retail electric vehicle charging network.
Heroes of the season – autumn '18

Top 5 autumn switches 2018

Five simple switches that will set you up for Christmas and beyond, plus our MyGreenPod Heroes of the Season.
Switching to an EV just got a lot easier

The simple EV switch

Octopus Electric Vehicles has everything you need to unlock your electric future.
To diesel or not to diesel?

Diesel or not to diesel?

That is the question, says Jarvis Smith.
Greening King's Cross

Greening King’s Cross

Network Rail is reaping the benefits of green initiatives at King’s Cross railway station.