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This radio station shares diverse allopathic and holistic health information 24/7, to put you back in control of your wellbeing
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Johann Ilgenfritz, founder of UK Health Radio

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UK Health Radio was born from a personal health crisis faced by its founder, fashion photographer Johann Ilgenfritz.

Struggling with a terminal cancer diagnosis after unsuccessful radiotherapy, Johann began scouring the internet for comprehensive information on health and wellness.

‘I knew I had to explore various other perspectives and solutions’, Johann tells us; ‘anything that would help save my life.’

During his search, Johann stumbled upon a profound statement: ‘Cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkaline cellular environment.’

That short sentence, from German biochemist Dr Warburg, changed Johann’s life – and, he believes, ended up saving it as well.

‘The Curator of Health Expertise’

In July 2012, Johann launched UK Health Radio with a clear purpose to inform and animate listeners, in a positive way, to take responsibility for their own health.

‘This does not mean taking your health into your own hands’, Johann explains; ‘it’s about attaining and keeping your health freedom.’

With no prior experience in radio, Johann was propelled by his passion for health communication and dedication to the station’s mission.

He was consistently connected with the right individuals at the right moments and, as the internet-based station grew from just two listeners to a global monthly audience of 1.4 million, became dubbed ‘The Curator of Health Expertise’.

‘Radio provides a special way to connect with diverse audiences and build meaningful relationships in a very personal way, if done correctly’, Johann explains. ‘Its accessibility and instant reach make it perfect for sharing information about health and wellness.’

A basic human right

UK Health Radio is all about empowering individuals to make proactive choices about their health, by sharing information ‘that informs rather than provokes’.

‘I firmly believe prevention is better than cure’, Johann says. ‘In a landscape inundated with sensationalism and fear-mongering, it is essential to foster a space for constructive dialogue and informed discourse.’

Guests and content are carefully selected based on their relevance, credibility and alignment with the station’s mission.

‘We also consider current global topics and news trends’, Johann tells us. ‘Our process includes rigorous checks to ensure that content is evidence-based, balanced and free from sensationalism or misinformation.’

The result is a diverse guest lineup that includes healthcare professionals, wellness experts, authors and advocates.

Each guest offers a distinct viewpoint and valuable insights into the many different facets of health and wellness.

‘From members of royalty to renowned musicians, health professionals and politicians, we’ve had a wide array of individuals share their personal health journeys and experiences’, Johann says.

In addition to expert interviews and informative discussions, listeners can expect practical tips for healthy living.

The goal is to provide engaging, accessible content that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

‘Access to the highest standard of health is a basic right for all humans, regardless of race, religion, politics or economic status’, Johann says.

You’ve got the power

For Johann access to diverse information is crucial in empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health – in terms of their overall physical, mental and social wellbeing as well as the straightforward absence of illness.

By providing a broad spectrum of perspectives, UK Health Radio seeks to equip listeners with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate their own wellness journey.

‘I firmly believe that individuals possess a significant degree of control over their health and wellbeing’, Johann shares. ‘While external factors may influence our circumstances, ultimately our choices and behaviours play a pivotal role in shaping our health outcomes.’

For anyone facing a health crisis, Johann’s advice is to approach the journey with an open mind and a proactive mindset.

‘Seek out diverse sources of information, consult with trusted healthcare professionals and prioritise self-care and holistic wellbeing’, he says. ‘As we navigate the complexities of health and wellness, let us remember the power of knowledge, compassion and community. Together, we can create a healthier, happier world for ourselves and future generations.’

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