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Marketing organic

UK ORGANIC formed to spearhead a revival of the organic sector
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Young African woman buying tomatoes at the market

At its first annual conference, UK ORGANIC (formerly Organic Trade Board/OTB) set out its ambition to unite representatives across the supply chain to reenergise the organic sector and arrest the current volume decline the industry has been experiencing.

Established as a Community Interest Company (CIC), UK ORGANIC (UKO) has put forward a plan to serve as the sector’s marketing agency, to drive a unified message and create renewed consumer interest.

A strategy for organic

The move has been prompted by the urgent need for a fresh approach to secure a healthy future for all organically certified producers, processors and products.

The organisation will also support consumers to access products grown without harmful chemicals, promoting health and sustainability for all.

‘Organic farming represents the gold standard for sustainable agriculture. It is the only certified agricultural system that offers quantifiable climate and biodiversity outcomes. It is legally binding and globally recognised.

‘Inadequate funding and a fragmented landscape have meant however that the organic sector has not been able to capitalise on the key benefits of organic food in the shopper’s mind. While numerous sustainable farming initiatives are competing in a crowded space and risk confusing consumers further. 

‘This realisation necessitates a transformative approach to developing a clear strategy for organic  development, and the founding of UKO signifies this necessary change in mindset. With a clear vision,  alternative funding, and inclusive approach, UKO is poised to lead the charge towards a sustainable and  thriving organic industry.’

Chair of UKO

As a consumer association, UKO will set out to simplify messaging, raise awareness and create demand for certified organic products – including textiles, cosmetics and other non-food items.

It aims to deliver strategic consumer activation and communication programmes to support consumers in making informed purchasing decisions.

Join UKO as a Fellow Supporter

Operational costs will not rely on membership fees. Instead, UKO will seek funding from external  stakeholders, including philanthropic foundations and government bodies that have aligned interests to consolidate organic’s renewed efforts. 

Through an inclusive approach and at no cost, UKO invites certified producers, processors, brands, distributors, retailers and all interested parties (including press) to join as Fellow Supporters.  

Fellow Supporters will receive valuable resources and will unite the sector, helping to achieve common  goals. 

Former members of the OTB and organisations who are interested in a more active role have the opportunity to become Affiliate Supporters for a minimal fee.  

For those interested in joining as a Fellow Supporter or as an Affiliate Supporter please sign up here.

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