Ganders Goat

Palm oil free, uses only natural and ethical ingredients and is lovingly hand-wrapped in recycled paper.

Ganders Goat is a diverse farm, business and micro dairy working alongside nature and wildlife, we are proudly Carbon Neutral and winning Green Awards in recognition for our sustainable development.

Here at Ganders Farm we take our inspiration from the land, fields and hedgerows, allowing the seasons to guide us either with product or flavor development, each season shows us something new and exciting!

Local and sustainable is key to our products, our soap is a great indicator of how important that is to us, with 71% of ingredients in each bar being our own and locally sourced. Our base recipe uses only 4 ingredients, plastic free sustainable packaging, never tested on animals, palm oil, parabens and SLS free.

The recipe and long curing time we use makes Ganders Goat Milk Soap excellent for sufferers of dry skin conditions, things like eczema and psoriasis or the nature and Eco conscious.

Ganders Goat Products