Tales from Mother Earth

Active Learning to Educate & Inspire the Young.

Tales from Mother Earth was formed in response to the climate crisis, the impact on our wildlife and to boost children’s mental health. The company is driven by a mission to reconnect children aged three to 10 years nature in the most positive ways.

To do this, Tales from Mother Earth creates realistic tales that touch a child’s heart, told from Mother Earth’s point of view. Then, together with a combination of beautiful life-like illustrations, uplifting music and extra educational fun elements, children are empowered to know that their actions – no matter how small – can make a difference for good. At the same time the stories highlight how animals are coping in today’s troubled world.

Phoebe the Bee and Spike the Hedgehog are the first published titles in the Tales from the Countryside series, with more to follow.

Tales from Mother Earth – igniting the conservationist in all of us! 💚🌍

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