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VIDEO: How to make plant pots from Tetra Paks (and other recycled stuff)
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Dig For Victory with Peter Macfadyen

The world is in lockdown. The garden centres are closed and seeds are in short supply. Now is the perfect time to find new and creative ways to grow food using limited resources.

It does not matter if you live in a small flat in a busy city or in a remote part of Scotland – everyone can grow some food in these challenging times. 

A journey to self-sufficiency

Dig for Victory visited one of Somerset’s leading veg growers, Peter Macfadyen – aka Guru Greens. In this video, Peter shows us how we can recycle Tetra Paks and get creative to make our own plant pots. 

Peter has written two books on taking power at a local level – the first is a DIY guide to taking over your council and the second is what to do when you have! Click here for more on Peter’s Flatpack Democracy.

Peter founded the Frome Town Council and many initiatives around sustainability that are now being rolled out all over the world. He lives very lightly on the planet; before lockdown Peter had already refused to fly and pledged only to drive when it’s absolutely essential.

As well as helping people to make great stuff happen in their local communities, Peter has been growing food for over 40 years in a bid to become as self-sufficient as possible. It’s no great surprise that he’s now helping people to grow food.

Time to share seeds and resources

As we try to move to consume less, it makes sense to reuse old pots and propagate seeds where possible.

The food-growing movement has always been at the forefront of the sustainability movement, and now is a perfect time to share seeds, skills and resources. 

With a few hours’ work a week we can literally save hundreds of pounds of our yearly food bill and also have more control over where our food comes from.

Grow your own food

LOVE IT TV created Dig for Victory, an education campaign, to help people to grow food in these challenging times.

Its YouTube channel gets over 25,000 clicks a month, and has loads of great content around growing food and living more lightly on the Earth.

The Dig for Victory Facebook page also has loads of free content and a video diary, allowing everyone to follow the campaign through the year as we grow loads of food without spending loads of money!

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