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Innovations in electricity

Electricity firms call on policymakers to tackle climate change by nurturing innovation
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An association of the world’s leading electricity firms, which together represent 1.2 billion customers, has written an open letter to policymakers ahead of COP21 in Paris.

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New innovations

In a report for the upcoming world climate summit, the 11-member Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) catalogues the innovations and technologies that are being developed across the industry to generate, distribute and store energy – and also to reduce its use.

The report outlines a vision of a world energy mix that would help nations meet both their climate-related CO2 reduction pledges and the expanding demand for electricity.

‘There is an increasing need for electricity. More than 2 billion people either do not have access to any electricity or to the reliable electricity networks needed to use it productively and make meaningful improvements to their quality of life.

‘Lower carbon electricity represents the most effective vector of all energy systems for providing these benefits and should therefore be prominently ensured worldwide.’

GSEP open letter to policymakers for COP21

Long-term policies

In an open letter, the group’s top executives outline the four core policymaking principles they feel are required to foster the industry innovation and investment necessary if we’re to meet ambitious climate and energy goals.

The report, Powering Innovation for a Sustainable Future, is the outcome of a two-year international consultation process.

‘The world is faced with the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change while ensuring economic growth and development.

‘Electricity is at the heart of this response.’

GSEP open letter to policymakers for COP21

The core principles

In their open letter, the top executives urge policy makers to embrace four core principles:

1. Establish secure, stable, clear, consistent and long-term policies that address critically important energy, legal/regulatory economic development, financial and environmental matters to ensure an adequate supply of cleaner, secure, reliable, accessible and affordable electricity to tackle climate change. 

2. Develop a systemic approach to electricity systems that takes into account the interrelations and synergies between the various elements of the electricity value chain, to enable electricity providers to plan, design, construct and operate the most advanced electricity systems with the goal of providing cleaner, reliable, sustainable, secure, flexible, and resilient electricity infrastructures.

3. Promote and engage in public-private partnerships that facilitate decision making among electricity providers, government representatives and private stakeholders and that foster the development and deployment of new commercially available technologies.

4. Make urgent progress with innovative research, development and demonstrations of advances economically viable technologies that will stabilise and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and accelerate the efficient generation, delivery and end-use of electricity.

Click here to find out more about the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership. The full report can be read here.

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