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Introducing the Culinary Caveman

Chef, herbalist and author Karl Elliot-Gough introduces his new series of articles for
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
The Culinary Caveman_mygreenpod

It is with absolute pleasure and joy I get to say hello to you today and welcome you to this new editorial. An editorial that will begin to outline how to help with the revolution that is required to drag us into a bright, sustainable and healthy future.

A small flame in a dark world, being joined by many other small flames, all beginning to illuminate a possible path to a thriving future.

I’m The Culinary Caveman (AKA Karl Elliot-Gough), a timeless chef and herbalist, observing the world and living amongst Nature. I’m also an author, as it’s not going to make any difference if I just observe and not tell anyone what I’ve been shown. It’s been an extraordinary journey so far and now it’s time to present the knowledge learnt as a gift to you lovely readers at MyGreenPod.

Insane times

There is little debate that our current cultural existence is unsustainable, so if there is to be a future there will have to be significant changes. In this future, our grandchildren can look back and see that we are at present living through the most insane of times.

We’ve covered the planet in poisonous chemicals and industrial and domestic pollutants, made food and clothing from them, injected them into our bodies, sprayed them over our food in the field, made clothing and fabrics from them and wrapped our food and drink in them. All while incrementally chipping away at the vastness of the oceans, air and soil, to leave these enormous bodies desecrated.

This is true insanity – to think we can survive much longer whilst continuing to produce so much pollution, especially when there have always been safe and sustainable alternatives.

Gaia has all the answers

Putting lipstick on this pig is not going to improve much, so it is imperative to establish new systems. The systems of health and pharmaceuticals, agriculture and food and economics are what I’ve been looking at changing in my new book, all from the novel perspective of seven plants. This is because I firmly believe Gaia has all the answers, we just need to know where to look and what questions to ask Her.

This series is not always going to be positive, full of love and hope because ultimately words are meaningless in a world full of lies. Nor is it going to be just a negative reportage, as there will be solutions offered with useful suggestions to further any interest in that particular subject.

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Time to act

As with all non-fiction writers, I’m looking at reporting the truth and this truth will hopefully stir up some emotions. Even the Dalai Lama agrees – the time of words has gone, the time of action is upon us. A revolution begins when the vibration and harmony of the populous changes, words can begin this shift – but only actions will fulfil it.

We don’t want our grandchildren looking back at this period in amazement at how stupid and manipulated we were in the Plastic Age. Allowing the food, water, air and soil to become toxic – not out of necessity or a consequence of dire survival, but for a profit that benefited only a few.

Just think how arrogantly we always look back in time and feel a little sorry for our ancestors. We are a product of social engineering and cultural memes that convince us we have it better today. At the same time we’re sold a plethora of unnecessary consumables to make our life easier and happier. But ultimately we are not happier or more content than our ancestors – and we are definitely not as healthy.

Nothing is going to change as long as we continue with the disconnection our culture has with Mother Nature.

We have desecrated every aspect of Nature, to the point where the vast oceans are full of plastic (with the toxic chemicals it’s made from leaching out) and an increasing concentration of nuclear radiation; the rivers run with chemical effluence; the soils have become barren (even the leading experts are claiming we have only 20 harvests left!); the air is noxious to breathe and our culture has made us so selfish and blind to this destruction, we’d rather take a selfie, or hope for a ‘like’ from a ‘friend’.

The Culinary Caveman signing off…

Click here to find out why the Culinary Caveman’s Green Gaia Goodness is a Hero.

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