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Juniper Green

juniper-1 Take a sip of Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin and you’re tasting history: this is the world’s first organic gin.

The Soil Association has certified that Juniper Green is 100% organic; it contains absolutely nothing but the world’s finest organic grain, the purest water and 100% certified organic botanical herbs.

The organic botanicals include FairWild juniper berries that are certified organic and sustainably harvested by fairly paid workers. Organic angelica root and summer savory – grown in Somerset and harvested by hand – combine with coriander from Egypt to give Juniper Green its unique flavour. It’s so smooth and aromatic that it can even be enjoyed straight.

Organic grain creates fine alcohol naturally because it has a better biological cell structure than grain that’s been grown with chemical fertilisers. No chemical fungicides are used to assist in the storage of organic grain, so natural microorganisms are able to aid full and deep fermentation.

As a result Juniper Green, which is distilled at Thames Distillery near Clapham in London, has a smooth clean spirit which is the perfect foundation for the world’s first organic gin. As Thames is now the only gin distillery that both distills and bottles gin in London, Juniper Green is a true London Dry Gin.

Juniper Green is also the only gin in the world to have earned a FairWild certificate. This independent recognition is based on years of work by major conservation agencies in response to concerns about the over-collection of wild plants.

Harvesting from any given plant or area is limited, allowing time for the plants to regenerate. In this way, the habitat is protected and so is the future livelihood of the collector.

Click here for more about Juniper Green, including stockists.

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