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London Climate Action Week events

Add these key LCAW 2024 listings to your diary
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
London Climate Action Week (LCAW)

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More than 300 events are expected to take place during London Climate Week (LCAW) 2024 (22-30 June).

Here are some of the key listings and what to expect if you attend.

24 June: De-risking the Transition, Howdens

Launch of a major new international initiative of de-risking energy transitions and tackling climate impacts by the London insurance industry. A series of discussions and workshops at the Lloyds building around the insurance industry, climate risk and climate finance.

24 June: Powering Past Coal Alliance High-Level Dialogue

High-level ministerial dialogue discussing how to accelerate the phaseout of coal in line with the Paris goals while ensuring a just and inclusive transition for workers and communities.

24 June (evening): Groundswell/Mission 1.5

Launch of new business and multi-stakeholder campaign putting forward a positive vision for the net zero transition and the broad benefits it will bring to everyone globally.

25 June: P.E.A.Awards

25 June: State of Climate Politics Forum

The State of Climate Conference is a new high-level international event examining how climate change is shaping and impacted by broader international and national politics. The inaugural State of Climate Politics Forum will be hosted by E3G and feature prominent politicians, policymakers, climate leaders and E3G experts. This invitation-only, on-the-record event, hosted at Mansion House, is a flagship LCAW event.

25-26 June: Blue Earth Forum

More here

25-26 June: Reset Connect, ExCeL Centre

Now in its third year, Reset Connect is a green investment event that provides present and future net zero business solutions and the financing to implement them. Over 7,000 attendees – including sustainability professionals, large corporates, government leaders, policymakers, tech providers, innovators, purpose-led brands and entrepreneurs – network, find sustainable, low-carbon solutions and explore opportunities for funding through institutional and impact investors, private equity, venture capital and financial advisers.  

25-26 June: Future Fabrics Expo

A pioneer since 2011, the annual Future Fabrics Expo (FFE) showcases the material solutions that put the preservation and regeneration of nature, climate and biodiversity centre stage. Over the last 13 years, FFE has grown to become the largest dedicated sustainable sourcing showcase of
innovative and sustainable material solutions for the fashion and interiors industry, with thousands of materials exhibited to professionals around the world every year.

6 June: Climate Diplomacy Forum (Grantham)

Organised by the Grantham Institute and the European Union delegation to the UK, this is an invitation-only meeting to discuss the diplomatic challenge and milestones over the coming 18 months to COP30.

26 June: Climate Investment Summit at the London Stock Exchange

A unique and leading global forum for investments in global climate solutions. Returning for a fifth year, the Summit will put a key focus on how to catalyse financial commitments into green investments for a green transition by 2030, including in emerging markets and developing economies. The Summit is hosted by the Climate Investment Coalition, an international public-private initiative established by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy & Utilities, Insurance & Pension Denmark, the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) and World Climate Foundation to support driving a full-systems transformation in climate finance deployment by mobilising financial commitments for clean energy and climate investments by 2030.

26-27 June: Extreme Hangout, Ladbroke Hall

Get ready to dive into two days filled with exciting activities, workshops and discussions all centred around taking action for our planet. Connect with like-minded individuals and learn how you can make a difference in the fight against climate change.

26-27 June: Cities Climate Action Summit

SmartCitiesWorld presents the next instalment of the Cities Climate Action Summit, the must-attend gathering for forward-thinking city leaders, innovative policymakers, green finance experts and technology pioneers. This event is helping to drive change on the frontline in cities as they battle against the effects of climate change.

27 June: Ashden Awards

The Ashden Awards are all about impact and supporting climate innovators to build a fair and sustainable future. Its winners bring clean energy to refugee camps, make UK homes warm and energy efficient and protect our rivers and forests. This year’s awards ceremony is part of London Climate Action Week. On the night you can watch moving films and hear how, together, we can take on the climate crisis. Then enjoy food, drink and networking with others passionate about the power of climate action.

27 June: Climate Innovation Forum

The Climate Innovation Forum, set to return for the sixth year in 2024, will bring together over 1,000 senior public and private sector decision-makers to help turbocharge our transition to net zero. Organised by Climate Action, the Forum will be attended by policymakers, investors, climate-tech solution providers, business leaders and innovation catalysers to help achieve our net zero ambitions regionally, nationally and globally, while maximising the role of innovation in delivering net zero growth opportunities.

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