RBS to trial ‘eco-innovations’

Electric car clubs, water-free urinals and nest sites for birds will be tested at RBS properties in Bristol

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Published: 13 November 2015

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Electric car clubs, water-free urinals and nest sites for birds will be tested at RBS properties in Bristol

RBS has unveiled the successful ‘eco-innovations’ that will be trialled in some of its Bristol properties as part of the bank’s goal to save water, waste and energy.

Testing new tech

The 12 projects – which range from electric car clubs to water-free urinal systems – were picked from 93 applications submitted to the Bristol Go Green Challenge, the latest in a series of RBS Innovation Gateway opportunities.

The winning technology will now be tested in the bank’s Trinity Quay building or NatWest’s Fishponds branch, where the bank is aiming to create its very first carbon-neutral branch.

The goal for RBS is to trial new technologies, obtain real data and change the resource efficiency of its buildings by opening up the RBS property portfolio as a test bed.

Saving power, boosting SMEs

The Bristol Innovation Gateway is one of several RBS contests that are providing startups with the chance to test their products on the RBS estate.

As well as helping the bank save more energy, water and waste, the goal of the project is to nurture new ideas and to help innovators and SMEs to get their ideas to market.

‘We had 93 applications and it was a tough task to select the final 12 to be trialled. If those innovations prove to be successful in our Bristol properties we hope to introduce them across the entire RBS estate to help us achieve our targets around sustainability.

‘This test bed also gives us an excellent opportunity to learn which innovations may be of use to our customers. It’s a win-win for the companies who now have the chance to trial their products in our buildings and for our customers who will benefit from what we learn.’

Matt Hatcher, NatWest’s Director of Commercial Banking for Bristol

The 12 innovations

A total of 12 successful innovations will be trialled:

Halcyan Water Conditioners are an eco-friendly solution to hard water which uses alloys to change the shape and structure of the mineral content to create softer water.

Bird Brick Houses provide essential nest sites for birds and fit neatly into the brickwork of new and existing buildings.

Green Rewards’ JUMP programme embeds sustainability and wellbeing in organisations through a platform that tracks positive behaviours and rewards participants for improvements.

EndoTherm by EndoEnterprises is an energy-saving central heating additive that helps radiators heat up quicker and stay warmer for longer, reducing boiler load and energy use.

ShowerBoB from BoB Products helps people save water, energy and money every time they take a shower by providing a visual reminder of the impact of your shower.

Oxypod is a compact device that removes air from the water in heating systems, resulting in warmer rooms, a reduction in energy usage and an improvement in boiler performance.

Supergreen’s Infrastore is a Far Infrared, open vented thermal storage system that ensures heating and hot water requirements are met with optimal energy use.

IES’ CI2 Technology Led Consulting makes smart use of operational building data together with 3D performance models and real weather data to better manage energy efficiency onsite.

Ocuair Ltd’s IRT Carbon Dashboard can quantify a thermal image to identify the location and range of heat, energy, carbon and money that is being lost though a building’s infrastructure.

Free Flow Valve from Envirowater is a retro-fit, water-free urinal system which saves water, prevents bad odour and reduces costs.

PhotonStar LED’s HalcyonPRO is an intelligent wireless lighting system which uses the behavioural, environmental and energy data that it gathers to deliver the right light at the right time.

E-Car Club is the UK’s first entirely electric pay-per-use car club which provides members with 24 hour access to cars parked in designated local spaces.

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