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The great restoration

The Culinary Caveman explores how we can restore our connection to nature
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod

This article first appeared in our Restoration Revolution issue of MyGreenPod Magazine, distributed with The Guardian on 06 Sept 2019. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

Famous for co-editing The New Testament in the Original Greek in 1881, Brooke Foss Westcott also had this to say: ‘The restoration of man and nature are placed side by side’. Simply put, we are a part of nature.

We can only restore ourselves when we restore our connection with nature and all living things. In this quest we all share a common unity, and indeed we can only accomplish restoration as a community.

A shared community is a sustainable, self-maintaining system – one that will become imperative as we witness the end of the cultural systems artificially and unsustainably driving us towards extinction.

New systems of cultural existence will be required, ones that put health – of the planet and all living entities – before wealth.


The easiest way to begin to restore this connection with nature is to go for a slow walk – in the nearest woods, across a meadow or along a coastline.

Take in all the different plants, their different shapes and colours; better still, do a little foraging (for simple plants such as a mint, elderflower or blackberry, buy the pocket-sized edition of Food For Free by R. Mabey). This simple reconnection can help us all to understand that we have a common unity.

With a greater appreciation of nature, the more abhorrent its current desecration will appear. It will simply become common sense to change systems, including the agricultural system.

We will see the need to ban deadly chemicals, revive crop rotation, divide mono-cultural fields into tens of thousands of permacultural smallholdings (repealing the Enclosure Acts and freeing the land), use natural fertilisers and insect repellents and, vitally, restore the soil – because a nation can only be as healthy as the soil it stands upon.

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The earliest settlements and civilisations were only able to take root and flourish because they had extremely fertile soil. The rivers poured with the melting ice at the end of the Ice Age, rich in minerals from the ice-scraped rock.

Yet today our soil is nearly barren; many people are also deficient in a multitude of minerals and vitamins, because the minerals in our diet should come from plants grown in mineralised soil.


We need a restoration of a sustainable cultural existence, because there is no question that the last time we lived in harmony with nature, our species had little to worry about.

The restoration might appear a daunting task, but our transition will happen organically because it’s the right thing to do. It must ideally be from our own free will and not forced upon us as a consequence of a cataclysm – or barbaric, ruthless politicians and industrialists.


When Natural Law is restored, then we will really be living through apocalyptic times.

The word apocalypse actually means ‘lifting the veil of truth’. The veil in this instance is the very culture we live by – which, through thousands of years of social engineering and cultural memes, has legitimised and perpetuated our damaging and unequal cultural existence.

The apocalypse is only going to be bad news for those who uphold or inhabit the highest echelons of this depraved and dysfunctional cultural existence. For most it will be the beginning of a brighter, sustainable future.

The time of restoration is upon us. Vive la révolution.

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