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UK’s first Veggie Lotto

£25,000 jackpot up for grabs each week in first lottery to promote meat-free lifestyles
UK’s first Veggie Lotto

How does £25,000 sound? Whether it would mean jetting off somewhere warm, buying a new electric car or throwing the biggest party ever for family and friends, it would most likely be music to your ears.

First of its kind

The Vegetarian Society has launched the UK’s first and only Veggie Lotto – a new weekly lottery supporting vegetarian and vegan interests that gives players the chance to win £25,000!

‘Playing the Veggie Lotto is fun, simple and all profits from Veggie Lotto raise funds for the Vegetarian Society. That means 50p from every ticket is used to help people understand how eating better for life can make a big difference for the planet, animals and health.’

Chief executive of the Vegetarian Society

How it works

The Veggie Lotto is open to all UK residents aged 16 and over. The first draw will take place on Saturday 13 May. More information is available here.

Tickets are £1 each and players can buy a minimum of a one-month book, which will give five weeks’ play. Players could win £25,000 or one of seven guaranteed cash prizes and can choose their own numbers or pick a lucky dip.

There are measures in place to protect children and vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling. The Vegetarian Society is also a member of the Lotteries Council and through them contributes to the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT), the leading charity in the UK committed to minimising gambling-related harm.

Supporting vegan and veggie causes

The Vegetarian Society is a charity that’s spreading the word about how easy it is to enjoy and maintain a veggie lifestyle, and wants everyone to know how varied and delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes are.

This goal is brought to life in the Vegetarian Society Cookery School, which offers a fun, hands-on and informative experience in a friendly atmosphere.

It’s about getting messy, being creative and eating well for life! The fun, hands-on, informative cookery experiences teach home-cooks and professionals in a friendly atmosphere, and the school also offers free courses to community groups and service users.

‘You will be helping us to train more caterers to serve great vegetarian and vegan food and allow us to offer community groups, vulnerable adults and young people more free courses. You’ll be making shopping easier with more products carrying the Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks, and bringing veggie and vegan food into more communities, schools and social centres every National Vegetarian Week. If you sign up early, before the first draw is made, there is also a ‘bolt-on’ prize of five £25 M&S vouchers to be won.’

Chief executive of the Vegetarian Society

Other aspects of the work of the Vegetarian Society include creating campaigns, providing advice and support to individuals, groups and organisations, running National Vegetarian Week and supporting the thousands of Vegetarian Society members and supporters.

The Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks, which can be found on products and restaurant menus, make finding veggie and vegan meals and ingredients easier.

To find out more click here or call 0300 30 20 111.

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