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Vesta Living was founded by Bryony in 2018 in response to the increasing pressure of single use products on our environment.

Vesta produces reusable wipes in the UK for the body and the home, with the intention of replacing single use disposable wipes that do not degrade and clog our sewer systems causing millions of pounds worth of damage each year. Not to mention those ingested by sea creatures such as turtles, who mistake wipes that find their way into our oceans for jelly fish. They clog their systems and cause starvation.

There is increasing pressure to reduce our human impact on this earth, but this can feel overwhelming to the individual.

Bryony stumbled upon the concept of replacing everyday items with an eco-alternative. Plastic toothbrushes to wooden tooth brushes, plastic bags to reusable bags, simply taking a travel cup out and about with her and disposable wipes to reusable wipes. Bryony found quickly that there weren’t many UK companies offering these types of products and set about making her own.