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Lily Cole joins call for ethical banking

Banks and the climate emergency

UK banks continue to fund climate disaster, says activist and model Lily Cole.
Amazon’s $100m to ‘restore and protect’

Amazon’s $100m to ‘restore and protect’

The Nature Conservancy and Amazon partner to find ‘natural climate solutions’ – but who will benefit?
Digital Climate Strike

Digital Climate Strike

Tumblr, Kickstarter and WordPress among over 1,000 websites and major companies joining the climate strike on 20 September.
Beauty Shortlist Awards

Beauty Shortlist Awards

My Green Pod editor and co-founder Katie Hill joins the judging panel for the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards.
Divestment milestone

Divestment milestone

Global fossil fuel divestment and clean energy investment movement crosses $11tn milestone.
My Green Pod Heroes Sept 2019

Top 5 September switches

Five simple switches that will help set you up for September, plus our new My Green Pod Heroes!

Events 2019-2020

From talks on unity to organic drinks with your favourite eco warriors, here are some dates for your diary.
ARBORETUM, 'a club for citizens'

‘A club for citizens’

The first club to take the ‘private’ out of London’s members’ institutions has opened its doors.
Jude Currivan, Photo by Park Sang Hoon

Spirited Business

Dr Jude Currivan explains the emerging business practice that is guided by intuitive insight, with a deep sense of planetary stewardship.
Shifting perspective with Sideshift

Redefining sustainability

In this free online summit, over 50 thought leaders will come together to help you act on global crises
Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Shifting perspective

Business leaders who say no to Amazon deforestation unite in free online summit.
A carbon neutral water industry

A carbon neutral water industry

English water companies commit to planting 11 million new trees by 2030.
Plastic-free mags

Plastic-free mags

The Week Junior and Science & Nature magazines shed their wrap and go ‘naked’ for the planet.
Mini toiletries removed from Holiday Inn hotels

Plastic-free travel

Anti-plastic pollution campaigners welcome removal of mini toiletries from Holiday Inn hotels.
How fair is the UK?

How fair is the UK?

The most and least socially progressive countries revealed.
Rainforest cleared for agriculture in central Belize

Deforestation disclosure

Dominos, Next and Sports Direct among the 70% of companies failing to disclose their impact on the world’s forests.
State of the Transition

State of the Transition

Study shows highest-emitting companies are off-track to meet Paris climate goals, and puts investors on ‘emergency footing’.
P.E.A. Awards 2019 – enter or nominate now

Emergency on planet Earth

P.E.A. Awards 2019 will showcase everyday solutions to the climate emergency.
SMV Green Vahini programme, Ashden Awards 2019

Ashden Awards 2019

2019’s Ashden Awards go to the world-leading energy innovators bringing solutions to the climate emergency.
The Roundhouse, Canopy & Stars

The Holiday Amnesty

Canopy & Stars has declared a one-month Holiday Amnesty in a bid to avert climate disaster by planting one million trees.