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‘Reforest our Future’

Businesses urged to to restore global forests by embedding restoration into financial transactions
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Eden Reforestation, Madagascar

Main image: © Eden Reforestation; a TreeSisters project, Madagascar

Women-led reforestation charity TreeSisters is inviting business to restore the world’s forests.

TreeSisters’ appeal to business follows the announcement of a proposed new UK law requiring businesses to show their supply lines are free from illegal deforestation.

Embedded restoration

To support the recovery of forests, the charity – which has planted almost 13 million trees globally – helps companies embed restoration into their financial transactions so that every act of consumption also serves nature.

As an example, TreeSisters plants a tree in the tropics for every transaction on the My Green Pod Marketplace. Shoppers pay no extra cost, but know at the point of sale that they are giving something back.

‘We’re seeing a seismic shift in the business world as our core invitation of reciprocity with nature hits a massive chord with companies feeling called to do good and take care of each other in the face of climate change.

‘Consumers are also wising up to the ecological impact of their choices like never before, choosing products which help restore the global forest that are both ‘feel good’ and easy.

‘As the world hits a major recession, we invite companies to be part of the business revolution that resets our course by investing in the restoration of our ecosystems – it’s the surest way to safeguard our human health, our planetary health and our economic survival.’

Head of corporate partnerships at TreeSisters

Online discussion

An online panel discussion, hosted by TreeSisters and featuring leading experts from the reforestation and green business movements, will take place on Tuesday 27 October.

‘Reforest our Future’ will explore the link between human health and planetary health and solutions for our global health crisis. Click here for more.

Deforestation in the pandemic

Biodiversity is vanishing at rates never before seen in human history, with one million plant and animal species currently facing extinction.

Scientists, indigenous leaders and activists have warned for decades that we must radically change our relationship with nature to sustain our world.

2020 is the year that devastating wildfires, floods and food shortages swept the globe and the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to its knees: it’s the mammoth wakeup call we’ve long been heading for.  

Yet despite our increased global understanding that forest loss is directly linked to increasing zoonotic disease outbreaks, deforestation rates have increased by 77% since the coronavirus pandemic started.

‘The pandemic has given us all a pause to reflect on what really matters. The business decisions we make in the coming months as we rebuild our economies are absolutely critical. Rather than be dragged into the restoration paradigm by consumer pressure, I invite businesses to lead by taking direct actions to restore the web of life and by inspiring the general public to do the same.

‘I’ve witnessed the rousing effect embedding trees into organisations can have on both teams and consumers. People want to make a difference, and funding tropical tree planting allows that to be visible, measurable and meaningful at a time when our world’s tropical forests are vanishing fast, and when we need them more than ever.

‘When companies hear about the number of trees their donations have funded they are inspired to do more, because it feels so good and so right. Instinctively I think we know that our consumer consciousness has diminished not just our world, but also our humanity, and the experience of giving back to nature brings us closer to who and what we really are.’

Founder of TreeSisters

Click here for information from TreeSisters about how businesses can play a role in the reforestation of our planet.

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