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Collective consciousness

This organisation is using multimedia content to foster human connection and create a positive global impact
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
OMMM presents Earth Day in Times Square, pictured with the UN Symphony Orchestra

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Main image: OMMM presents Earth Day in Times Square, pictured with the UN Symphony Orchestra

Today’s world is marked by heightened levels of stress; rapid advancements in technology, including social media and AI, have revolutionised communication but also contribute to a pervasive sense of loneliness and alienation.

In many cases the fabric of society and family, once strong and supportive, has weakened, exacerbating feelings of isolation and disconnection.

These factors combine to create a landscape in which community bonds are frayed, and individuals can struggle to find a sense of belonging and purpose.

Multimedia company OMMM, the new headline sponsor of the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards, is very aware that today’s challenges can deeply affect our collective wellbeing – but the organisation, founded by women, mothers and minorities, also sees a rise in human consciousness and an opportunity to make a positive impact on society.

‘By bridging ancient wisdom with the modern world through various media platforms, we provide universal access to practical tools to raise consciousness’, explains OMMM co-founder Maria Alphonse. ‘We empower individuals to unlock their full potential, nurture their inner peace and actively contribute to a more peaceful and connected global community.’

Tech for the soul

OMMM curates and delivers accessible multimedia content, live events, transformation programmes and immersive experiences that integrate ancient knowledge and healing practices into daily life, working with ‘OMMMbassadors’ around the world who support the expansion of their work.

In a sense OMMM serves as the connective tissue that activates and amplifies the greatest work of highly qualified talent, spreading it among people from all walks of life.

‘We combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge tech to create profound experiences’, says Maria. ‘Our content offers a holistic perspective on wellness that emphasises the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit as well as the interconnectedness of all beings and the universal nature of human experiences, fostering a sense of unity and empathy among our audience to inspire personal transformation and collective growth.’

Open-access wellbeing tools

OMMM’s content is for anyone who is even a little bit curious about human nature – whether the goal is spiritual growth, acquiring practical tools, achieving personal development or just discovering new information.

From the start it was crucial to OMMM’s founders that tools to calm the mind should be available to everyone; ‘Universal access is crucial because everyone deserves the opportunity to cultivate inner peace and emotional wellbeing, regardless of their background or circumstances’, explains co- founder Michelle Narciso. ‘Historically, access to such tools has been limited; our aim with OMMM is to bridge this gap.’

OMMM is currently developing transformative programmes that will soon be introduced to the business world, and is helping to expand conscious programmes in schools that merge art, ancient wisdom and technology, which OMMM believes have the power to transform the future of education.

Business leaders and organisations are a key audience for OMMM; the goal is to integrate practical tools from ancient and sacred teachings and wisdom into work culture to enhance wellbeing, creativity and productivity, ultimately leading to a positive impact on the broader community.

‘Individuals looking to reconnect with themselves, cultivate inner peace and explore ancient wisdom in a modern context could also benefit from OMMM’s content’, says Michelle.

Ancient skills for modern life

For OMMM’s founders, ancient practices hold timeless wisdom that remains relevant today.

By integrating these practices into modern approaches to wellness, the goal is to provide holistic solutions that address the complexities of our contemporary lives in very simple and profound ways.

‘Current approaches to wellness often focus on the physical aspect, neglecting the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit and our ancient traditions’, explains Maria. ‘By incorporating ancient practices and holistic perspectives, we can achieve a more comprehensive approach to wellbeing.’

In addition to helping individuals thrive under the pressures and pace of modern life, OMMM’s approach to wellbeing is also attuned to the challenges we face at a global level.

‘We believe our world is evolving to integrate consciousness and sustainability as two faces of the same coin’, Michelle shares. ‘Inner peace and emotional balance can foster a deeper connection to oneself and the world around us. This heightened awareness can lead to more sustainable choices and actions in how we interact with our environment and others. And once you connect with nature and the deepest forces behind sustainability, you can ultimately connect with yourself and the unity of our consciousness.’

Creating a collective impact

While meditation might seem to many to be a highly private way to promote individual wellbeing, for OMMM it’s important to recognise the ripple effect and its power to create a collective consciousness of compassion, empathy and unity.

‘This shift in mindset can lead to positive changes in how we interact with one another and the world’, says Maria.

OMMM launched one year ago at Carnegie Hall in New York, with a sold-out spiritual concert featuring renowned artists and speakers led by OMMM co founder Michel Pascal.

The organisation went on to co-produce two large events at New York’s Times Square, for the UN International Day of Peace and Earth Day. It presented the trailer for its immersive meditation film during COP28 week in Dubai, co-produced a musical about Yogananda at the Biltmore Hotel in LA and shared the stage with Marianne Williamson at The Saban Theater.

‘Our most recent events, centred around Earth Day, concluded at the prestigious Neue House with panels and presentations that inspired people globally’, Michelle told us.

OMMM also had the honour of visiting His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama, led by one of its OMMMbassadors, and received his blessing last year.

A network of OMMMbassadors

In a fast-paced world filled with distractions, OMMM’s aim is to be a beacon of light, offering a sanctuary for individuals to reconnect with themselves, tap in to their inner wisdom and cultivate a sense of peace and harmony in their lives and the world around them.

‘We are very aware that we cannot do it alone – nor do we have all the answers – yet we trust we are on the right path. We could not do it without our OMMMbassadors, and are honoured to have them as part of OMMM’, Maria shares. ‘These individuals, genuinely committed to our mission, have been carefully curated to expand their wisdom and good work through our platforms. We hope you enjoy getting to know some of the OMMMbassadors who will be attending the PEAs.’

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