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Ethical business

Equinox staff reveal how respect, support and ‘positive disruption’ make up the ethical DNA of their living company
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Ethical business

This article first appeared in our Consumer Revolution issue of My Green Pod Magazine, released on 19 Dec 2019. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

Doing business in a purposeful way means developing employees, connecting with the community and regenerating the environment.

That’s in addition to making conscious products that are good for people and the planet.

As a UK craft brand that creates living organic kombucha, Equinox feels it’s important that the love, care and attention it puts into the products is reflected in the culture of its entire business. The company’s ethical DNA was designed by its people and reflects what it really means to work there.

Great taste

First of all, taste is everything: Equinox even goes as far as to say that ‘great taste is the doorway through which better decisions are made’.

‘When we really taste life, we leap outside the boundaries of our comfort zones and commit to growing’, explains Genevieve, head of people and sustainability at Equinox. ‘As a company, I feel we have all embarked on an epic adventure to find out how business can be done differently to benefit everyone. Every day I taste a new flavour of what it means to work as a part of a family.’

Made with love

Equinox believes in making things with love, which is why the products are organic. The kombucha is alive; because it’s made organically, it transfers health from one living entity to another.

‘Our product really reflects the love and care of all our team – from brewing to bottling’, says Simon, a brewery technician. ‘The vibe in the brewery feels very welcoming and is also filled with positive energy.’

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Emotional wellbeing

A culture of respect is also deeply entrenched in the Equinox workplace; employees admit they ‘don’t always get it right’, but do learn and grow the culture together, doing everything they can to minimise harm and maximise health.

‘We talk about emotional wellbeing and workshop about our influence on others and what our uniqueness can bring, positively and negatively’, explains Steve, warehouse manager. ‘Culture is high on the agenda, and I think that’s wise for business.’

Giving back

Giving back is simply understood as being the right thing to do; Equinox gives locally and globally ‘because it makes a difference’. Everyone who works there takes care of each other, the community, customers and the planet because of a straightforward understanding that ‘we are all connected’.

‘Working at Equinox has been a bit like a homecoming’, says pick-and-pack assistant Eleanor. ‘The people here are like family and the company has a special spirit that attracts a certain kind of person. People here really care about making a positive impact.’

More than a number

Equinox positively disrupts by combining social and physical sciences to challenge the status quo. It challenges out-dated stories and systems, while also educating and experimenting.

‘All the companies I’ve worked for have had one thing in common’, says Angela, the office manager. ‘It’s all about the money coming in; as a member of staff you are just a number that’s easily replaced. Working for a company like Equinox – that values and invests in people and wants to change the world for the better – means a lot. I want to be part of a company with soul and integrity, so I can leave my mark on a better world.’

Click here to discover more about the ethos behind Equinox Kombucha.

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