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A plastic diet

A plastic diet

Revealed: human ingestion of plastic could equate to a credit card a week.
Join the FlushMob to p end plastic pollution

Join the FlushMob

Mob toilets this World Oceans Day to stop 4.6m tampons and pads being flushed down UK toilets every day.
Going clean just got easy (and cheap)

Going clean just got easy

My Green Pod has launched a crowdfunder to create a subscription service for clean products.
My Green Pod Heroes of the Season, spring '19

Top 5 Spring Switches 2019

Five simple switches that will help you spring clean your lifestyle, plus our MyGreenPod Heroes of the Season.
Why to buy organic

Why to buy organic

Organic isn’t just better for your health – it’s also an excellent indicator of fairer animal treatment.
Valley Fest 2019, photo credit Louis Smith

Valley Fest 2019

Treats, beats and plenty to eat at the South West's best-tasting music festival.
Janey Lee Grace

Janey Loves spring 2019

Natural beauty expert Janey Lee Grace explains how to spring clean your skincare routine.
Committing to the nut

Committing to the nut

This new body butter has been a labour of love – and now it’s giving back.
Clean hair

Clean hair

Indulge in the 100% natural action of this luxurious haircare range.
High-free healing

High-free healing

What you need to know about #CBD oil and why it’s taking the food and health sectors by storm.
All-in-one natural protection from incognito

All-in-one natural protection

Don’t let biting insects scare the daylights out of you – now you can get full protection against bites and rays.
HayMax Kids_mygreenpod_hero

Goodbye itchy eyes

This invisible, natural barrier can prevent hay fever by stopping pollen from entering your body.
Scence natural deodorants

Great Scence

Choosing a natural deodorant just got a lot easier: these balms are free from plastic and cruelty, and come crammed with therapeutic oils.
Angelika Davenport, Tincture

And breathe…

How to use the power of plants to combat the scourge of indoor air pollution.
The impact of ethical packaging

The impact of ethical packaging

Weleda has teamed up with TerraCycle to raise funds for penguins and ensure all its packaging can be recycled in the UK.
Children are spending more time indoors, increasing exposure to air pollution

Air pollution in the home

Indoor air pollution 3.5 times worse than outdoor air pollution – and up to 560 times higher at its peak.
Empowering women could save the world

Empowering women could save the world

Dame Jane Goodall: ‘We can’t push population growth under the carpet’ – and women’s education could be key.
Avoiding toxic baby products

Avoiding toxic baby products

The Beauty Shortlist’s Mama & Baby Awards is helping parents to choose natural products from ethical brands.
Natural Products Europe 2019

Natural & Organic Products Europe

Exhibition captures the mood of a natural food, beauty and product industry determined to power ahead.


London’s new private members club, designed around the power of plants, trees and inside forestry.