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Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Test

The reliable, accurate pregnancy test made from 99% paper

Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Tests
  • Midstream pregnancy test with over 99% accuracy.
  • Made from 99% paper instead of the usual single-use plastic.
  • Easy to write on if you want to record when you took the test.
  • 50% recyclable in paper recycling (just cut the test in half after use).
  • Gives you the results in five minutes.

This really is a positive result for the planet.

The Hoopsy midstream Eco Pregnancy Test is the best way to find out if you are (or aren’t) pregnant – in a sustainable, accurate way.

Made from 99% paper with over 99% accuracy, it is the only midstream pregnancy test we know of that is not made from plastic.

The easy-to-use midstream test takes up far less space in landfill than plastic tests, plus it’s no more expensive (on a test-per-test comparison), easy to write on and gives you your result in just five minutes.

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