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Kinetic We Love The Planet

Plastic free deodorant that nourishes the skin

Kinetic We Love the Planet Deodorants
  • Highly effective: maximum protection against odour development because of the sodium bicarbonate.
  • Value for money: one deodorant lasts for around 3 months.
  • Double benefits: as well as deodorising it nourishes the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Zero Waste: 100% biodegradable or compostable cardboard (100% paper – no plastic!) packaging.
  • 100% Natural: certified natural by Natural Cosmetics Standard (NCS) and EcoControl.

We Love the Planet is a wonderfully soft and highly effective deo cream formula packaged in either a recyclable snaplock tin or a wide-opening compostable and biodegradable cardboard tube, which makes it very easy to use and apply.

100% of the ingredients are certified from natural origin.

The deodorant offers maximum protection against odour development and ensures that you feel fresh all day (without clogging your pores as it is aluminium-free).

It nourishes the skin, and features coconut oil, beeswax, caprylic acid and St John’s Wort Oil for a calming, anti-inflammatory effect.

Available in six fragrances: Sweet Serenity (Rose, Honey & Sweet Spices), Lovely Lavender, Original Orange, Might Mint and Forever Fresh (Patchouli). So Sensitive is a mildly scented hypoallergenic formula that’s free from sodium bicarbonate especially for sensitive skin.

Ingredients in We Love the Planet Deodorants:

Coconut Oil: Moisturising and cooling effect; replenishes lipids and soothes
Sodium Bicarbonate: Neutralises unpleasant odours (deodorising effect); cleanses and removes excess oil
Corn Starch Powder: Softens skin and reduces excess sweat; high absorption capacity
Beeswax: Provides a wonderfully creamy consistency; conditions and smoothes the skin
Caprylic acid: Calming and healing effect
St. John’s Wort Oil: Calming and healing effect; Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
Essential Oils: For fragrance

Made without: aluminium, parabens and propylene glycol.

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