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Lumi Recovery PRO Ice Barrel

Where cold meets warmth for the ultimate wellness experience – wherever you want it

Lumitherapy Recovery Pro ice barrel
  • Maximise the benefits of cold water therapy – wherever you are
  • Portable, all-in-one contained unit that packs away into a carry bag (included)
  • Chill water down to 3°C (37°F)
  • Warm the water up to 42°C (107.6°F)
  • Control the temperature via a mobile app

Dive into the realm of advanced recovery with the Lumi Recovery PRO Ice Barrel, where cold meets warmth in the ultimate wellness experience.

The Lumi Recovery PRO Ice Barrel is a game-changer in cold water therapy, designed for the ice bath enthusiast and professional athletes to maximise the benefits of cold water therapy.

Built using quality materials with a thick rubber-hardened wall construction, the Lumi Recovery PRO Ice Barrel has a spacious interior.

To keep the water pristine and optimally chilled when not in use, a specially designed lid, secured via sturdy clips, provides an effective thermal bridge between the icy water and the external environment, ensuring a consistently invigorating plunge every time.

The Lumi Recovery PRO Ice Barrel has been created for absolute peak performance in all conditions.

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