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9Trees tree gift

Mark any special occasion with this gift of a tree and a wooden decoration from 9Trees CIC

9Trees Tree Gift
  • The perfect gift for environmentally conscious individuals
  • Receive one Tree Certificate and one wooden tree decoration
  • The decoration is sustainably sourced and handcrafted by a small independent UK business
  • Includes an information booklet about 9Trees
  • cares for trees long term

This is the perfect present for environmentally conscious individuals – or even simply a gift from you to the Earth.

Knowing that £700 million is spent every year in the UK on unwanted gifts, many of which get thrown away, 9Trees wanted to create a gift that keeps on giving – a gift that benefits all of us and the wonderful nature on our doorstep.

This not-for-profit grassroots organisation plants biodiverse UK woodlands. Unlike other organisations it cares for trees long term – a tree is for life, not just for Christmas!

With this gift of a tree and a wooden decoration, you will be helping to restore biodiversity to the UK and tackle climate change as well as creating local countryside jobs.

The wooden disk (12x13x1cm) is sourced from the UK’s Woodmouse Pyrography; hand pyrographed into each disk are the words ‘My Other Tree is in a woodland!’, with the 9Trees logo.

You will be taking a positive step towards reducing your carbon footprint.

‘The best way to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere is through trees.’


9Trees is a Community Interest Company, the first of its kind to link landowners and individuals from all over the UK in an effort to slow climate change. Since launching in 2019, 9Trees is planting hundreds of thousands of trees – with your help!

It has started an ambitious task to plant nine trees per person per year, and has created a pioneering service that allows people and businesses to grow their own woodlands and balance their carbon footprint.

Each of us emits 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. The average broadleaf tree sequesters 1 tonne of carbon in its life, so if we all plant 9 trees every year, we can have a direct impact on the climate crisis.

9Trees has already planted 15,000 broadleaf trees in the UK, and a further 10,000 trees are pledged to be planted in the 2024 planting season.

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